Welcome to the CAP Party 


At CAP (Canary As President), we believe that everyone should have the freedom to soar with or without wings.


If you are tired of the same old things and the same old promises, we're the party for you. 


We are enthusiastic, hard-working and sometimes professional. 


We will keep you informed on world events, as we see them. 


And best of all, we don't cost a lot to maintain.  We don't need expensive clothes, big houses or gold-plated stuff. 


We don't take up a lot of room or spend your money on fancy restaurants.  Toss us some seed and we're good!







We promise

a canary

in every pot!



                 What!  No! 


                 Give 'em beans!!

Original character illustrations by Juan Pablo Cornejo www.juanpablocornejo.com

Contact Us Today!

CAP Campaign Office

Chicago, IL

Phone: +1-224-265-0199

Email:  info@thecapparty.com

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