Our Team

We are dynamic and think we could do a great job of running a country.  History shows that you don't always need a lot of experience or common sense for that.  You can just wing it.


Presidential Candidate



Aerodynamics Specialist

Experienced Locksmith



Creative Writing

Public Speaking

Projectile Development

Coop Flying



Aviary, Chinese, Chirp, Dumi, English, French, German,

Japanese, Spanish, Swahili, working knowledge of Italian




Campaign Manager



Hiberation Specialist


Responsible for launch of GAETY 

  ('Gerbils Against Eating Their Young')



Graphic Designer


Costume Development



Animal, Chamikuro, Chatter, Dutch, English,

French, German, Spanish, Vietnamese

Contact Us Today!

CAP Campaign Office

Chicago, IL

Phone: +1-224-265-0199

Email:  info@thecapparty.com

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