About Us

The CAP Party is commited or should be commited - whatever way you want to look at it.


Our campaign was started with the idea of having a good time.  It was a whim.  We were playing Scrabble when Alfalfa came up with the word 'vote'.  It snowballed from there. 


Our team is made up entirely of volunteers. We don't get paid.


That is why we are especially happy to find people who are commited to sharing the word about our campaign.  Tell your friends that a real birdbrain wants to run the country. 


If you have any suggestions for our platform, don't hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!


You can tell us what you think below.

Our Platform

We believe that everyone would be better off by having things like:


- species equality in the workplace

- a very small cat that's easy to manage

- no baggage fees if you carry your luggage on your back

- newspaper donation center for poopers

- health care that's not for the birds

- mandatory cheerful singing

- taxes that leave you with an income



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CAP Campaign Office

Chicago, IL

Phone: +1-224-265-0199

Email:  info@thecapparty.com

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